Carlton Draught

The Pub. The last bastion of real mateship and a sacred place where life’s big questions, such as the footy score, are resolved. It also happens to be the place where Carlton was born to be enjoyed at its best and freshest.
Our proud tradition of brewery fresh beer dates back to 1864. This was when the first batch of Carlton was delivered to pubs in the local area by the same Clydesdales that grace our taps, glasses and packs today.
Despite how much has changed since those early days, some things have remained the same. Such as our ongoing partnership with the AFL and the refreshing taste of Carlton that’s best enjoyed at your local pub with your real mates. And of course, while watching the footy. So join the round and grab a pot of Carlton this weekend.

Carlton Mid

Move over milk and butter, because there’s an award-winner that needs the top shelf. Carlton Mid has been recognised at the last two Australian International Beer Awards, taking home 5 medals. Which isn’t a surprise when you know it’s brewed using traditional bittering hops and the finest hop extracts.

With muted malt flavours it has perfect balance and drinkability and is best enjoyed with grilled, roasted or BBQ’d red meats. Or if you prefer, you can just crack a couple with your best mates.