Like A Bat Out Of Key

Watch as Mick Molloy grills Andrew Demetriou about that infamous Meatloaf moment.

3 years 11 months ago

If a siren blows

If a siren blows in Tasmania and the umpire doesn't hear it, does it really blow? According to Chris Connolly, it sure does blow.

3 years 11 months ago

Arctic Park

Playing at "Arctic Park" wasn't a joy at the best of times, let alone when golf ball sized hail plummets from the sky.

3 years 12 months ago

Last minute blue

It’s never a good idea to make grand statements before the final siren sounds.

4 years 2 weeks ago

Umpire Mark

Some umpires get way too involved in our game. Like this bloke.

4 years 2 weeks ago

Scoreboard Fire

There’s scoreboard pressure and there's this. Things heat up at the "G".

4 years 2 weeks ago

Lights Out

Was this AFL's darkest moment? Mick Molloy thinks so.

4 years 2 weeks ago